Position: Financial Advisor

Description of the Role


  • Understand all aspects of an optimal practice and complete the training and development needed to prepare for a successful career as a Financial Advisor
  • Build and maintain a clear process for adding to and updating client profile information in Salesforce after regular client reviews
  • Consistently make adjustments to analytics, portfolio, balance sheet, net worth statement and recommendations based on new or relevant information
  • Deliver a full range of goals-based financial planning / wealth strategies including assessment of client needs
  • Maintain a robust knowledge of the firm’s latest planning tools, techniques and strategies
  • Possess a working knowledge of financial planning wealth management tools
  • Possess niche-related knowledge and remain current on industry rules and relevant regulations including future standards that may be mandated
  • Use relevant knowledge and content to educate other Financial Advisors on strategies
  • Manage the team’s client profiling process by leveraging all Firm resources
  • Deliver holistic goals-based financial solutions to clients
  • Prepare and present detailed customized client reports including metrics on progress to goals, especially during client reviews
  • Fulfill continuing education requirements to maintain designation(s)
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the management team and inform them of circumstances that require supervisory attention/review/approval per compliance guidelines and policies
  • Complete required training, obtain industry licenses (Series 65), master assessments, maintain continuing education requirements and meets minimum performance standards
  • Source prospective clients and capitalize on referrals
  • Deliver customized solutions and through collaboration deliver the full resources of Capitalwize

We want to ensure that our company culture and the dynamics of the role are a good fint for you. Before a formal interview, we like to setup a time to learn a little more about you and you are invited to the opportunity to learn more about our company. Click the link below to schedule a meeting. (I’m a Financial Professional – Job Inquiry.