Client Reference Guide: How It Works

Create your account

In a few simple steps you will be able to create your account with us.

Verify & Fund

After creating your account, you’ll want to check your email to verify that its you. Once you do so, you’ll be able to fund your account. You can setup a one-time deposit or recurring contributions.

Syncing External Accounts

Got money invested elsewhere like a 401(k) or just another account? You can sync that account here too so that you can view all your investments in one place.

Rollover an account

Got an old 401(k) from a previous employer that you want to move over with us, we can help you with that too.


Once you’ve created your account and you want add additional investing goals, watch this video to learn how.

We focus on taxes.

We can help determine which combination of traditional, Roth, and taxable accounts—which are all taxed differently—may be right for you.

We Build your portfolio

Exchange-traded funds are generally more tax-efficient and lower-cost than mutual funds, which is why we have all-ETF portfolio options. 

We organize assets based on taxes.

High-tax assets belong in IRAs and low-tax assets belong in taxable accounts. Your advisor can help decide if turning on our automated asset location feature is right for your situation.

We rebalance.

Rebalancing can help protect your portfolio from market volatility, but doing it by selling securities can cost you in taxes. To help avoid this, we rebalance using deposits and dividends.

We work to minimize transaction taxes.

To help lower transaction taxes, we sell your assets in a specific order—the ones with the lowest tax burden go first.

We tax loss harvest.

When investments lose value, you can sell them to help offset the taxes that come with income and capital gains. When enabled, our Tax Loss Harvesting+ feature automates this process to help keep your taxes low.