Invest Intelligently.

Our philosophy on investing is derived from the words


Take the chance to gain advantage from.



Having or showing knowledge, experience or good judgment.

“Take advantage of smart investment opportunities – Capitalwize.”



Retiring, buying a home, having a child—these are exciting life moments that come with so many financial questions. Our tools and experts are here to help guide you along the way.


Retirement Planning

We work now to help you stop working later. Tell us when and where you want to retire, and how much you’ve saved so far. We’ll help give you a sense of where you stand and guide you on the path forward. We can see the probability of hitting your goals and what risk could impact the outcome.


Smart Rebalancing

We automatically rebalance your portfolio so you maintain an optimal level of risk.


Reinvesting Dividends

Any dividends get reinvested immediately back into your portfolio—so you earn more.


Tax-Smart Investing

Other investment managers may estimate your long-term returns, but they might not be factoring in a key element that could lower what you take home: taxes.


Cash Management

Can your cash be doing more? We help you maximize your cash through smart automation of deposits, withdrawals, and low-risk investing accounts.



Set up auto-deposits and we’ll seamlessly transfer funds into your investment account.


Tax Loss Harvesting

We check regularly for opportunities to lower your tax bill while still maintaining optimal asset allocation and expected returns.

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