Turn your business
into a legacy.

Save, plan, invest, and grow in one place, for one price.

We help self-made entrepreneurs own a business that
doesn’t run them, while simultaneously increasing
their net worth. We are your virtual c-suite, for
a fraction of the cost.


We lead, direct and coordinate your entire financial team to act harmoniously on your behalf.
We know that your livelihood and legacy are on the line so we act with sincere intention
developing a financial strategy that makes you feel enlightened and empowered.

The way financial planning
should be.

  • Personal financial website
  • Access, anywhere
  • Investment Account Aggregation
  • Weekly FInancial Summary
  • Digital Storage Vault

Simplicity &

The technology we use for both financial planning are designed to keep things simple without sacrificing the intelligence required to reach your various financial goals.

Eliminate the guesswork of retirement and investing.

  • Transparent & Intuitive Interface
  • Simple & Transparent Pricing
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Automated Behavioral Guardrails
  • Consolidate your investments
  • Smart Deposit
  • Tax Impact Review
  • Tax Loss Harvesting

Capitalwize Impact &
Socially responsible

When you invest with us, you can align your personal values
with your investments inside your portfolio.

Wear less hats and simplify your
strategy to scale.



Why we serve Business
Owners, Entrepreneurs
& Public Figures

Building a business and a brand is hard work. Having a team
of experts on your side who can help you manage and adapt
to the ever-changing landscape while helping you manage
the resources that will allow you to continue to thrive is key
ingredient in your growth and success.

What our customers say

Our clients share how they plan ahead for their future.


Capital Plan

How to use the capital properly
and will do the other


Our Couple Goals

How to use the capital properly
and will do the other


Capital Plan

How to use the capital properly
and will do the other

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