Payment & Agreement

You will receive a separate email that will allow you to sign your advisory agreement and submit your payment for advisory fees.


Getting to Know Each Other

Let’s get to know each other, better! Please click the button at the bottom of the page to share little bit about yourselves that will help me to get to know you.


Book Your Onboarding Call

In the video I mentioned what to have handy for our call, once you have those items together please visit capitalwize.co/book. Select the “I am a current Capitalwize Planning Client” option and the 90 minute timeslot.



Begin Your Process To Being a Client

We will officially begin the Onboarding Process for you to become a client!

Privacy Policy

Please download and retain a copy for your records. Find it by clicking here.

Firm Brochure

A copy of my firm brochure please download a copy and retain for your records.

Momentum Of Planning

Choosing to work with us is a BIG first step. But we don’t want to sugarcoat the fact that there is work to be done. In order for us to optimize this work being done, we will need for you to trust the process and try your best to not allow life, inaction or anything get in the way of moving this process forward. Let’s be intentional and committed to our timelines so we can get you RESULTS.

Team Work

At Capitalwize, it is a team effort. While we are accessible through text and other forms of communication, it is best to send an email unless it is urgent. Please ALWAYS CC: Client services on your emails so that our team can be in the loop. Samantha is our Director of Client Engagement and she ensures that you will be taken care of through this process, so by copying our client services email, we will make sure that happens.