True financial planning is a very in depth process. There are many moving parts that are involved in order to fully address all the important areas of your financial life. This is not a one-man/woman job. Similarly, you wouldn’t expect your general physician to perform heart, oral, and brain surgery. You need a dedicated team for all your health needs; the same applies for your financial well-being, too.

We understand that trying to coordinate and connect so many different individuals can be a challenge.  How can you ensure that all your advisors are on the same page? In 2015 our Co-Founder was going through a health challenge and was sent to various medical professionals who all provided different diagnoses. You can imagine how frustrating this could be; never truly knowing what is actually accurate when your life’s on the line.  All of the medical professionals had good intentions, but they were operating in a silo.

All of the diagnosis’s that were given, were based on a compartmentalized perspective from operating within the realm of their own narrow scope of expertise, without understanding the connection and impact that one part of the body had on another. No one truly understood the full scope of the situation with a comprehensive view of all the moving parts.  We knew that there was a better way. A more integrated and thoughtful approach. That is how we formed the Financial CEO model.

As your Financial CEO, we are responsible for having a global view of your entire financial strategy. You act as the chairman of the board.  We are your centralized point of contact for all of your financial needs. We lead, coordinate and Direct (LCD) your entire financial team to act harmoniously on your behalf.  We know that your livelihood and legacy are on the line so we act with sincere intention developing a financial strategy that makes you feel enlightened and empowered.

Our Process


Have you ever sat in a meeting with all of your subject matter experts and marveled at how they worked together to provide you the best possible advice? Can you imagine how much better off you’d be if they did? i.e. accountants, money managers, Lawyers, financial planners and various insurance agents?


Many people have many more accounts with separate financial institutions than necessary to achieve their goals and to be diversified. Many people don’t have a single system that outlines the net number of their assets, insurance policies, or a simple plan to illustrate what they want to have happen to their assets when they’re gone. Your life will become much simpler when you consolidate. Multiple advisors isn’t diversification.


Now you’ll have a clear concise financial plan that addresses every area of your finances. Typically, financial advisors only focus on the investment and retirement portion of your financial situation.  Your life will be much better with truly comprehensive financial planning.


As a result of working with us, everything is going to be much simpler for you. By having one person as the leader of your team coordinating a comprehensive and consolidated organization of your financial affairs, your life will be much simpler so you can focus on what’s most meaningful to you instead of having to worry about your money. If something happens the people who matter most won’t be stressed out or confused about figuring out the details of your financial affairs.


One of the benefits of working with us is you’ll get more accountability: The accountability is two fold. First, we hold the experts accountable to give you the best advice to get and keep your financial house in order. Second, we hold you accountable to do your part to implement that advice. One possible reason you may have arrived at your current financial reality is because many financial advisors are more concerned with being politically correct to maintain your business. Your life will be much better when you have someone holding you an your other advisors accountable.

Who We Serve

Building,  growing and scaling a business takes a lot of work. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the importance of keeping your personal financial house in order. We serve as the head of your financial team so that you have the clarity and peace to continue to focus on your business. In addition, we provide business insights that help grow your business to new heights


Founders of high-growth startups


Founders of Growing Service-based Businesses


Public Figures who monetize their personal brand at scale


Founders of growing E-commerce businesses

Beyond Financial Planning

We don’t just help you manage your money, we help you multiply and maximize it through sound business strategy advising.

Businesses will fall into 1 of 3 categories. Start. Grow. Scale. There are various things you will need and want to address based upon where you are in the process. You’ll often find that part of your business is in one phase and one part in another. We truly help you define where you are and what things you may want to consider. Which include but aren’t limited to:

Entity Legal Structure
Business account structure
Brand & Business Audit
Revenue Diversification
White labeling, licensing and affiliate programs
Pricing structure and quantifying your true value
Digital marketing and advertising strategy
Processes and Standard operating procedures
Deeper streamlining and technology integrations
Creating an exit strategy or business reinvention for mature businesses
Consider acquiring another business
Effective tax management strategy
In depth marketing and customer acquisition planning
Advanced Credit leveraging Strategies

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