For Athletes

 You’ve planned for game days, now it’s time to make sure you’re planning and protecting your future, financially.

Financial security will benefit you and your family—not just for right now, but for tomorrow as well. We’ll pave the road towards a bright future for the next generation of you, together. 

True financial planning is a very in-depth process. We provide comprehensive financial planning with Concierge plus services to our clients in the Pro Athlete Division. From scheduling travel and arranging movers to shipping your vehicle across the country, we are fully equipped to satisfy your needs in addition to your financial management. We help you create your financial dream team so you can spend more time focusing on your craft and less time worrying about your money.

We get it. You’ve spent your life pouring your heart, soul and money into mastering your skill, now it’s time to create plan that ensures you are building wealth with that skill and you may have questions like:

As an athlete, how do I balance spending right now while still making sure I am building generational wealth for my family?

Do I need a will or trust right now? Are there other things I should be thinking about from an insurance and risk management perspective?

How should financial independence and retirement look for me as an athlete? How much do I need?

Are there better ways to ensure I am not spending too much on taxes? What strategies am I missing out on?

Here’s the deal, no matter where you are on your money journey you’ve got to realize one thing;

“The value of anything is the amount of life you’re willing to trade for it.”

So you need to get crystal clear on if you are using your money to buy freedom.  It’s not an either or scenario, you just have to define what your wealthy journey should look like instead of piecing together things you’ve seen from other people. 


Covered from start to finish.


1. onboarding & Mindset

During this phase of the process we get crystal clear on what your wealth journey looks like, we dive in to make sure what you are doing today aligns with the outcome of your ideal life. We create the vision and declaration for what’s to come.


2. all about allocation

Once we know where we want to go, now we evaluate exactly how the resources need to be allocated to help you get there. We don’t want to waste any fuel on the journey to financial Freedom. This is also where we plan out your lifestyle goals, debt management and how much of your money should be invested.


3. invest intelligently

Once we know how much of your money should be allocated towards investing, this is where we select and choose the right investments that align with your goals and desired outcome.


4. estate planning & risk management

Theres is where we map out how we protect and preserve your wealth both now and in the future. We will assist with implementing your standard estate plan and review all of your key insurance coverages. 


5. tax planning

This is where we plan out strategies and discuss how you can take advantage of reducing your tax exposure in ways you or your CPA may not have ever thought of.


3. lifestyle maximization

This is where we identify strategies and opportunities you can leverage to enhance your lifestyle strategically and accelerate your goals.

Time Freedom + Financial Freedom = Wealth 

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come

to the right place. 

Introducing: First Gen Millionaire. The official roadmap for current and aspiring 1st Generation Millionaires. 

We understand that trying to coordinate and connect so many different professionals can be a challenge.  How can you ensure that all your advisors are on the same page?

 In 2015 our Founder was going through a health challenge and was sent to various medical professionals who all provided different diagnoses. You can imagine how frustrating this could be; never truly knowing what is actually accurate when your life’s on the line.  All of the medical professionals had good intentions, but they were operating in a silo.

All of the diagnoses that were given, were based on a compartmentalized perspective from operating within the realm of their own narrow scope of expertise, without understanding the connection and impact that one part of the body had on another. No one truly understood the full scope of the situation with a comprehensive view of all the moving parts.  We knew that there was a better way. A more integrated and thoughtful approach. That is how we formed the Financial CEO model.

As your Financial CEO, we are responsible for having a global view of your entire financial strategy. You act as the chairman of the board. We lead, coordinate and direct (LCD) your entire financial team to act harmoniously on your behalf.  We know that your livelihood and legacy are on the line so we act with sincere intention developing a financial strategy that makes you feel enlightened and empowered. That may include but not limited to; Investment advisors, Insurance and risk management professionals, legal professionals, mortgage brokers, real estate advisors, CPA’s etc. All on one accord. 

Our process provides you with the tools, knowledge and blueprint to achieve your wealthy journey. 

Due to the immersive nature of the process, we hand-select people who we truly believe are the right fit for the work we do. If you think that’s you, apply now and we will be in touch with you if you are eligible to move towards the next steps. 


What’s the deal? What’s included in this process?


Listen, this is not your traditional financial planning process, let’s explore what you get:


STEP 1: Coordinate

Have you ever sat in a meeting with all of your subject matter experts and marveled at how they worked together to provide you the best possible advice? Can you imagine how much better off you’d be if they did? i.e. accountants, money managers, Lawyers, financial planners and various insurance agents?


STEP 2: Consolidate

Many people have many more accounts with separate financial institutions than necessary to achieve their goals and to be diversified. Many people don’t have a single system that outlines the net number of their assets, insurance policies, or a simple plan to illustrate what they want to have happen to their assets when they’re gone. Your life will become much simpler when you consolidate. Multiple advisors isn’t diversification.



Now you’ll have a clear concise financial plan that addresses every area of your finances. Typically, financial advisors only focus on the investment and retirement portion of your financial situation.  Your life will be much better with truly comprehensive financial planning.



As a result of working with us, everything is going to be much simpler for you. By having one person as the leader of your team coordinating a comprehensive and consolidated organization of your financial affairs, your life will be much simpler so you can focus on what’s most meaningful to you instead of having to worry about your money. If something happens the people who matter most won’t be stressed out or confused about figuring out the details of your financial affairs.



One of the benefits of working with us is you’ll get more accountability: The accountability is two fold. First, we hold the experts accountable to give you the best advice to get and keep your financial house in order. Second, we hold you accountable to do your part to implement that advice. One possible reason you may have arrived at your current financial reality is because many financial advisors are more concerned with being politically correct to maintain your business. Your life will be much better when you have someone holding you and your other advisors accountable.


Bonus #1: Club Capitalwize

Where Membership Has is privileges. As 1st Gen Millionaire Member, you will get access to our Capitalwize concierge service where one of our team members will provide you with assistance in researching travel plans, major purchases, access to our exclusive deals and opportunities and more.

Bonus #2: 1st Gen Millionaire Alumni

You will receive access to our private community of First Generation Millionaires that will include special events, resources and more.

Bonus #3: Capitalwize 360 Access

You will receive 1 year access to our live financial planning software and app where your financial plan lives and gets updated in real time so you always have a pulse on your wealth + digital storage vault. 

Bonus #4: Asset Management

Along with your customized investment plan, you will receive included access to our asset management included in your retainer.

“The opportunity cost saved by knowing exactly what to do and when is a priceless experience.”

Still on the Fence?

Our Partners who designed this process have spent over $100,000 in personal development, 30,000+ hours of real advisory experience over the course of his/her careers and have been doing this for almost two decades.

When you work with us, you get to “borrow their brain” for a fraction of the cost and time it would take you to obtain the same knowledge, perspective and context to build a financial plan you are absolutely confident in.

You can keep trying to go at this alone by trying out courses, endless google searches or screenshotting & saving tips from social media, or you can get a tried and true process that is designed to get you results to finally have a financial plan you can be confident about.

The most expensive thing in life is the cost of not knowing. 

Don’t let that be the reason you don’t hit your money goals, we are here to help.

Apply now to see if we are accepting new members and if we are the right fit for one another. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not need an ongoing advisor and just need a one-time plan? 

We can develop your strategy in what we call a Financial Audit, which will give you the blueprint you need for your financial plan and you can choose to manage and implement it on your own. 

Can I get a refund?

We do a really good job of making sure we are the right fit for one another. However, you can choose to cancel our ongoing engagement at anytime with a 30 day notice.

If I hire you all for ongoing planning does that include Asset management?


Are there any other fees associated with this service?

We will work with estate planners, Insurance agents and any other implementation partners required to bring your Financial plan to life, there will be a fee associated with those services you choose to implement. They generally give our CapitalWize clients a discount.