We Help you OWN your business, instead of just running it.

Forecast Your Freedom™

Our firm uses a methodology we called Forecast Your Freedom™ This methodology helps you build a business that aligns with not only your business ambitions but also your lifestyle. Most Entrepreneurs start a business thinking that they are going to have peace of mind and freedom but what they actually get is frustration. Imagine knowing EXACTLY where every dollar for your business is supposed to go. Imagine being able to manage your finances in a way that you can comfortably take more time off to do what you love and it does not impact your business. 

Make. Manage. Maximize.

Things most clients have problems with before they hire us

Managing your monthly cash flow.

Having an easy way to track the business progress  that gives you the insight you need to adjust rather than it just being a “feeling or instinct”

Setting up payroll and benefits

Having a financial forecast and a plan to actually achieve it

Making sure you have enough cash reserves, to be prepared for the ups and downs your business might face and still be able to pay yourself and employees

Making sure you have the right business legal structure

Knowing how much to pay yourself vs what you should use to operate and grow your business

Staying up to date with taxes and knowing how to reduce your tax liability

Wondering how you should be saving and investing for your financial future since it’s not such a clear path as it is when you were an employee.

Does this sound like you?

Sometimes it feels like you’re barely juggling all these moving parts and while you know your business is growing, it’s hard to feel like you’re on top of everything and you actually find yourself more concerned because the stakes are higher now.   

From the outside looking in, it can seem like everything is perfect. Your business is doing good, revenue-wise but internally, you feel overwhelmed and more as your business runs you rather than you owning it. Sometimes, you don’t feel much like a “business person” at all and wonder if you’ll ever get to a place where you have true freedom, control, and happiness with your life instead of feeling like you’re in a consistent uphill battle with the very thing you built to provide that freedom.

If that resonates with you at all, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to help. Book a FREE call with us to learn more about how my team, partners WITH Tech Founders, Entrepreneurs and Public figures to bring the Business and Financial Advisory that will give you the peace of mind, clarity, and freedom you’ve been looking for. 

The bottom line is this: we help you stop wasting your valuable time and energy as the visionary of the company on things that have little to do with why you started the company in the first place. Book a call now to learn more about how we can partner with you and take this off your plate.



Founders of Start-ups who are growing and need a solid financial gameplan


Owners of service based businesses


Public Figures who earn most of their income by monetizing their personal brand or creative skillsets.


Owners of successful E commerce businesses


We are a good fit if your business is earning multiple 6 Figures to 5MM +


Business owners who want help managing their finances and lowering their tax liability


You want a Financial Team that will guide you through important Financial and Tax decisions


Enjoy the flexibility of having a dedicated Virtual Financial and Tax Advisor



Owners of Restaurants *some exceptions apply*


Entrepreneurs who aren’t yet ready to make tough decisions required to grow


Businesses who are just starting out and do not have enough revenue and wiggle room in the budget to hire a finance partner *book a call and we can inform you if you are ready*


Business owners who prefer to do everything themselves and don’t want to outsource to qualified experts


Entreprenuers who already have a good handle on their tax strategy, business financials, marketing and operations 


Simple and intuitive access to the most important numbers that drive your business success, all in one place.

Meet Your Financial Team


Financial Advisory Team

Helps with the planning and forecasting of your overall business goals


Tax & Accounting Team

Helps keep more money in your pocket by using legal loopholes and tax strategies and keeping your accounting perfectly up to date so we know exactly how the business is doing at all times


Mental Money Coach

Money is mental, we help you keep your head in the game so you can keep making the right decisions long term


Business Advisory Team

Helps with the operations, strategy and systems of how to grow your business


Risk Management Team

Whether its business insurance, legal matters or insurance for you personally, we use this team to make sure we have you covered

Investment Advisory Team

When it’s time to reinvest those profits, we help you identify sound investment opportunities that make sense for your lifestyle, goals and risk tolerance. Whether its stocks, bonds, ETF’s, Real Estate or Alternative Investments, we got you covered




This is where we personally walk you through every step of getting your business financials in order and getting all the relevant information needed to move forward


PHASE I – Cash Flow Review

This is when we set up or sync to your existing accounting software so we can have access to view your financial information up new software if necessary.


PHASE I – Cash Flow Implementation

This is when we come back after our research to give you the go-forward plan with your business cash flow and help with the implementation of setting up the right accounts


PHASE I – Special Topics Meeting

This is when we review any special topics that we may need to address like payroll, benefits, setting up retirement accounts, back taxes, business insurance, business milestones etc.


PHASE I – Delivery of your Plan

Once we have gotten through all the phases of your core Business Advisory Plan, we will then give you the complete plan and break down


PHASE I – Personal Financial Plan

Once your business plan is set, we then move on to establishing your financial plan as an individual. The key to finally separating yourself from the business is to treat your financial plan completely separately. For more on this process