Clarity. Confidence. Control.

The way money should be. 

Capitalwize Plan is our comprehensive process to create a financial plan that aligns with your ideal life, helps you achieve your goals, and gives you the roadmap to financial freedom. We take the guesswork out of wealth, we become your Financial CEO. Imagine a completely coordinated financial strategy with a partner who sits on the same side of the table as you, coordinating, leading and directing all the experts required to build your financial plan.   

Stop playing the guessing game with your wealth. Know exactly where you are and where you’re going

Our Signature Financial CEO model is how wealth management & Financial planning should be. We organize and manage your entire financial team, we are the expert of experts. Instead of having to piece together a disjointed and clunky financial plan, we coordinate and design everything for you. Wealth building is a team sport, let us help you create your wealth dream.

Choose Your Path

For Couples

Let’s develop a plan designed specifically for you and your spouse so that you can achieve those money milestones like the bosses you are.

For Individuals

A personalized financial plan made just for you, that can evolve with you as you grow.

For Entrepreneurs

Money as an entrepreneur is a little different, let’s create a roadmap that will give you the peace of mind that you’re prioritizing yourself alongside your business.

Comprehensive. Consolidated. Convenient.

The way financial planning should be. 

Personal Financial Website | Access, Anywhere | Investment Account Aggregation | Weekly Financial Summary | Digital Storage Vault

A few benefits of our software:

Student Loan Planning

Are you struggling with student loan debt? Use our unique student loan module to illustrate different scenarios to reduce payments.

Estate Planning

We help you understand the flow of assets at the end of life, including any possible estate tax ramifications.

Client Portal & Mobile App

Want to check your information on the go? You’re in luck, with the mobile app, you can check account balances, budget and more.

  • Personal financial website
  • Access, Anywhere
  • Investment Account Aggregation
  • Weekly Financial Summary
  • Digital Storage Vault